2021 Test Calendar

If anyone has questions about entering NADKC tests or needs help with any testing issues, contact Julie Griswold, Director of Testing or visit the Director of Testing page.

Training days may be available in your area, please contact your regional director for details.

Test Fees

Derby - $100, Solms/AZP HZP - $125, VGP - $150, NAKP - $175, Btr. - $35, 20/40 hr. SW - $100, Zuchtschau - $35

Test Fee Increases

Spring Test Fees effective January 1, 2020
NAKP $175

If a cancelation occurs after the twelfth week prior to the scheduled test date, no refund of fees should be expected. Refunds may be made at the discretion of the Regional Director.

Mail your entry to the Test Director listed on the Test Calendar for the test that you want to enter.

Club members who wish to pay for a test in the Mid Atlantic, Mid South, Northeast, or Southeast Regions may pay on-line.

Test Type:
Date Location Test Type Test Director Address Coordinator Coordinator E-mail Coordinator Phone Region
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