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DK Litters

Looking for a Deutsch Kurzhaar puppy? Find information about whelped, expected, and upcoming Deutsch Kurzhaar litters from NADKC kennels.

Whelped Litters

Litters listed in this section include puppies that are "on the ground".

Roche Jaune “A” Litter

Whelped: November 26, 2015

9 puppies – 5 male (3 Schwschl, 2 Brschl), 4 female (2 Schwschl, 2 Brschl)

Katrina von Kings Crossing 1034/11 (Roxi KS Pöttmes 0502/08 x Vito KS Silesia 0228/04)
D1j (4H Nose, 4H Search, 4H Pointing), S2, HD-B1, Fw. SG

Katrina is a highly intelligent and collaborative DK that is a pleasure to hunt and live with. She has a high desire to please and a very obedient nature. In the field she maintains constant contact with her leader and does not need to be directed where or how to search, rather she observes and naturally adjusts her focus to produce game for the gun. Her searches are methodical, thorough, fast and efficient with great intensity and without a lot of wasted motion, always adapted to scenting conditions and terrain. She points staunchly, has excellent manners behind game and relocates quickly. She is a dependable wounded game tracker and a reliable retriever. She is a wonderful house dog and family companion. She stands 58 cm at the withers and weighs 51 lbs.

Download: Ahnentafel

Katrina von Kings Crossing Katrina von Kings Crossing

Finn vom Höllental 0799/13 (Pepper KS v. Theelshof 0988/10 x Scout KS v. Riverwoods 0481/09)
D1,VJP 66, HZP180, S1.sichlaut, HN, HD-A1, Fw.Vx2, VGP1(304pts)

Finn is a cooperative and noble Deutsch Kurzhaar with a medium search range and a super nose. He marks scent at long distance, locates quickly and is a staunch reliable pointer. His manners behind game are impeccable. Finn is a reliable retriever and has recovered hundreds of game birds and fur. He excels in water work and especially likes retrieving giant Canadian geese. Finn shows great promise in blood tracking. He is a faithful and loyal family dog. Finn has a medium coat, wonderful dark pigment, stands 68 cm and weighs 90 lbs.

Download: Ahnentafel

We expect this mating to produce exceptionally beautiful well rounded dogs which have obedient natures, are easy to train, easy to lead and easy to live and hunt with.

For more information, contact Jaime Adkins (406-633-0825), 2760 N. 24th Rd, Worden, MT 59088

Finn vom Höllental Finn vom Höllental

Expected Litters

Litters listed in this section represent that a breeding that has occurred with an expected due date.

vom Hidden Creek Litter

Anticipated Whelp Date: Late February

Alexis vom Hidden Creek 0364/10
D1(4h Search, 4h Nose), S3, AZP1 (4h Search),VGP 1 (289 pts) , HD: A2, Fw: V

M: Cati vom Nemerower Holz 0718/07
V: Lebeau KS vom Hege Haus 0090/01

Download: Ahnentafel

Alexis is a hard driving, nose driven, bird finding machine with a biddable, cooperative temperament. Her field searches from the time she was a pup have been worthy of high praise from both judges and hunting companions. She covers ground effortlessly, thoroughly and she leaves no holes. Her points are staunch, stylish and she locks down quickly when she hits the scent cone. Her water searches are strong and she is a natural retriever. Alexis possesses that highly desirable off switch which makes her a great house companion and wonderful with kids. Her conformation has been rated excellent.

Alexis vom Hidden Creek Alexis vom Hidden Creek

Matt KS vom Riverwoods ZB Nr. 1192/08
D1, S1, VGP1 319, NAKP 1 (4H in water search) KS HN HD Frei-A Fw: V1(NAKP) V(Kleemann)

Matt is a stylish colored black and white male with a traditional body type. Matt’s conformation is rated “excellent” (V1) and shows attitude and confidence along with heavy bone mass, fitting to a male of his stature. He has excellent movement, finishing his career conformation titles of KS V and NAKP V1.

Matt never quits, he has a hard work ethic and his drive shows in the field as well as water. He has a high headed methodical search pattern with a staunch point and has a natural tendency for honoring.

Matt’s water search is intense in all forms of cover constantly working until game is produced. He has an excellent nose picking up scent from long distances all be it on water or land. He is very biddable, wanting to please and is a quick learner. Matt will hunt with any gun and is a joy in the house and around the children.
His VGP score reflects his ability to adapt to all types of versatile hunting, whether in the Dakota’s or Wisconsin hunting the different terrains and game. His forest work is excellent.

Download: Ahnentafel

Both dogs are proven in the German system, other testing venues, and in actual hunting situations. This breeding should produce good looking pups with solid temperaments, drive, biddability, and be a joy to be around in he field, the blind, or the home.

Hidden Creek Kennels

Matt KS vom Riverwoods Matt KS vom Riverwoods

vom Hidden Creek Litter

Anticipated Whelp Date: Late February /Early March

Cayenne vom Hidden Creek 0993/12
D1(4h Pointing), VJP 67 pts, Solms 1(4a), NAKP 1, VGPII (267pts), HD: A2, Fw: V

M: Cati vom Nemerower Holz 0718/07
D1, S1, HZP (191pts 12 Duck Search)VGP1 (289pts) NAKP1(4hDuck Search (High Scorer) HD:B1, Fw :V

V: Franki vom Sparta-GR 1205/08
2x D1 (4h Nose Suchensieger), S1, HZP 180, VGP 1 (308 pts), VBR, BTR, HN, VDH Res CAC, HD: A2, FW : V

Cayenne (“Pepper”) is a strong boned nose driven female with a wide and thorough field search and a naturally intense point. Cayenne received the NADKC Young Dog of the Year award in 2013 and she passed her VGP with a Prize II at just over 2 years of age. Cayenne’s field work, water work, retrieving and blood tracking ability are very solid and worthy of passing on to another generation. Her conformation has judged to be excellent and her temperament is perfect for both the home and the field.
Download: Ahnentafel

Cayenne vom Hidden Creek Cayenne vom Hidden Creek

Bento von der Kopperburg 0614/10
D1, VJP 70pts , AH, S1, VGP 1(304 pts 4h Bloodtrack), HN, HD: A1, Fw: V

M: Kora von der Madlage. 0050/07
D1, VJP 76, S1, HZP 190, HN, VGP 1, HD: A1, Fw: V

V: Boss KS vom Tatemeer 0375/07
D1*,VJP 75,AH, S1,VBR, LN,BTR, HZP196,VGP1, SW1, HN,IKP1, Fw: V,

Bento is a large male with excellent conformation, a great temperament and calm disposition. He has been extremely biddable, precocious, and cooperative since a pup. This is evidenced by the Armbruster Halt Award he received at his VJP test at barely 1 year old. The award is given for stopping and lying down on command on a wild flushed rabbit until commanded to continue calmly tracking. His tracking skill was also shown in his VGP with a 4h in the Bloodtrack. Bento’s water work is stellar with a very determined and thorough duck search which is also evidenced in the field with his willingness to find game. Bento possesses the sought after switch which makes him an excellent companion in the house and around children and a high powered hunter in the field and water.

This litter should produce good looking pups with solid temperaments and a joy to be around in the home, the field and the water.

Download: Ahnentafel

Contact: George Desharnais

Bento von der Kopperburg Bento von der Kopperburg

vom Rollenwald, A-Litter

Anticipated Whelp Date: 3 March 2016

Anja vom Vinnenberg 0577/13

D1(4h search), VJP 62, S1(4h search & 4h nose), HZP 166, VGP3 ÜF, LN,
HD-A2, OCD-Free, Fw: V

M: Luna KS vom Kronsberg 1049/09
V: Duro von der Elbaue 0427/05

Download: Ahnentafel

Anja is vey biddable; calm in the house and kennel and has lots of power in
the field. She has natural retrieving abilities. She is very easy to train
is always eager to please her handler. Anja has proved that she has tons
of desire to find game in her testing career; earning her two 4h search
awards and one 4h in nose. Anja was also the 2014 Wanderprize winner. The
Wanderprize is given to the dog with the highest combined Derby/Solms/zuchtschau rating for that testing year in the NADKC.

Anja was also the top Solms dog in the NADKC for 2014. Anja is an
exceptional tracking dog. Anja also has beautiful conformation. She was the
V5 female at the 2015 IKP in Zeil am Main, Germany out of 90 females
entered. Anja is first a hunting dog and has proven herself at a young age.


Anja vom Vinnenberg Anja vom Vinnenberg

Don vom Holtvogt 0097/08
D1, AZP2, HN, HD-A1, Fw: V

M: Tessa von Neuarenberg 0811/04
V: Rocky KS von Neuarenberg 0081/04

Download: Ahnentafel

Don vom Holtvogt (call name Ace) is an excellent hunting dog. Ace is
relentless in the field and water. He is a super tracker, with very strong
recovery drive. He has an excellent nose. A first time handler handled him
in his tests. Ace has strong metal character, is very healthy and gets
along with other dogs (males included). Ace lives in the house. He is an
excellent companion; loving, friendly, and intelligent. He is great with
children. Ace has excellent physical geometry, exquisite head, thick dense
coat, and great movement.

For additional information, contact Julie Griswold 734-320-9243, email or visit

Don vom Holtvogt Don vom Holtvogt

D-Litter vom Wüstenjäger

Anticipated Whelp Date: March 23

Orie vom Riverwoods 1323/08
D1 – 4h Search “Suchen Sieger”, FW: SG (J), Solms 1 “Suchen Sieger”, VGP1 – 4h Search w/duck, HD A1

Sire: KS Rocky von Neuarenberg
Dam: Xantara vom Riverwoods

Orie is very calm and affectionate with everyone she encounters and is easy to live with in the home. She waits calmly with her handler while other dogs are working, a truly fantastic temperament.

In the field, Orie turns on the power! She received top search dog for both her Derby & Solms, as well as a 4h in search behind the duck in her VGP. Orie was the fourth dog to do the duck search and she tracked out the path of each duck ahead of hers as well as her own! Her pointing, retrieving, and work ethic is strong. Orie is a pleasure to live and hunt with, easy to train with a light hand, and eager to please in all areas. She is free from hip dysplasia with a top rating of A1.

Download: Ahnentafel

Orie vom Riverwoods Orie vom Riverwoods

Artus von der Riverfield 1365/09
D1 – 4h Search, Solms 1 – 4h Search, VGP2 – 298 Pts, HN, HD A1, FW: V

Sire: Nik von der Jydebek
Dam: Ava vom Adlerberg

Artu (pronounced R2) has been a dream to train, a quick learner, very biddable, level headed, and eager to please. He is bold in the field with a large range while still hunting for the gun and always in contact with his handler, all of which earned him a 4h Search at his Derby & Solms tests. Artu completed six titles before turning 24 months of age. He is extremely quiet and affectionate in the home and field with an excellent temperament and work ethic. A truly magnificent dog!

Download: Ahnentafel

This is a repeat breeding of our C Litter which has truly proven to be a tremendous breeding. Our desire to have another female from this breeding is our purpose behind repeating the breeding. Cora received her Derby Prize 1 last year and will be completing her AZP and VGP this fall 2014. She is truly a pleasure to hunt with and watch work. Anyone interested in seeing her work is welcome to contact us to set up a date or come see her at her tests.

This will be a late Fall of 2014 or early Spring 2015 breeding, due to not wanting to have puppies during hunting season. Accepting deposits on 8 puppies. Deposits refundable if sex of pup wanted is unavailable.

For more information feel free to contact Wayne & Lisa Davis (509) 778-1794 Cell or (509) 973-2458 Home or visit our website at

Artus von der Riverfield Artus von der Riverfield

Upcoming Litters

Upcoming litters represent a planned breeding that has not yet occurred.

U-Litter von Kings Crossing

Expected Breeding Date: February 2016

Ella von Kings Crossing, ZB Nr. 0056/10
Derby 1a, Derby 1a (Nose 4H, Search 4H), VJP 69P, Solms 1, HD-B1, Fw. V1

M: Dusty vom Holtvogt (KS Rocky von Neuarenberg)
V: KS Eiko von der Zista (Austria)

This is a repeat breeding of the “Q” litter which produced very promising puppies.

The breeding strategy is crossing the Wittekind line (4-4-5) with the Hege-Haus “B” Nebenleitung (4-4-5) that produced Zatopec. The 3-3 Rocky ingredient brings stability and a proven line with over 100 litters with great temperament, natural ability, trainability and no genetic defects.

Ella is a large female with very high conformation, strong character and exceptional performance. Her field and water searches are very organized and nose driven. She was very easy to force fetch and naturally casts of the hunters walking direction during her field searches. Her previous litter had large puppies with beautiful color and a happy temperament.

Conformation Survey: A large female with a very strong, noble head. Excellent color pigmentation and excellent body lines, top/bottom lines are excellent, strong muscular and athletic build but feminine in appearance. Front/rear angulation is very excellent; during movement her gait is far reaching and powerful. Medium eyes, correct bite.

Download: Ahnentafel

Ella von Kings Crossing Ella von Kings Crossing
Quanto von Kings Crossing Quanto - 6 months
Queen von Kings Crossing Queen - 6 months
Quasi von Kings Crossing Quasi - 6 months

Indy von Kings Crossing, ZB Nr. 0549/11
Derby 1a, Derby 1a, HZP 158, AZP 1, HN, HD-A2, Fw. V1

M: Checky vom Holtvogt (KS Rocky x KS Zatopec Daughter)
V: KS Yanosch vom Osterberg (KS Ungaro vom Hege-Haus)

Indy is a calm and close working dog that works at a controlled pace. He uses his nose very well to locate game and approaches game in a confident manner.

His litters have excellent color, beautiful heads, are quiet and mentally stable.

Conformation Survey: Medium sized, excellent male type head, very muscular build, very nice color contrast and coat, excellent top line, outstanding rear angulation, very correct movement, correct bite, medium colored eyes. This dog’s very strong conformation warrants a V1.

Contact: Paula Kaltenegger at Tel. 931-675-0841 or

Indy von Kings Crossing Indy von Kings Crossing

H-Litter vom Canuck

Anticipated Breeding: Winter 2016

Asta vom Canuck
D1, VJP(73 points), S1, HZP(188 points), VGP1(325 points), VBR, HN, SW1(20-hour blood track) FW:SG, HDO(B1)

Asta is a beautiful female with a very feminine structure. She is the result of the first AI breeding in DKV. Her prey drive and cooperation is evident by her testing scores. She has sailed through her German testing flawlessly. She is a very focused, intelligent and skillful hunter. Asta uses the wind to her advantage. She is calm loving dog that wants to please. Her litter mate is the 2012 VGP high score in NADKC. Vom Canuck "A" litter has been awarded the VGP breeders award.

Download: Ahnentafel

Asta vom Canuck Asta vom Canuck
Asta vom Canuck Asta vom Canuck

Clay vom Hirschgraben
D1, S1(4H, nose, search, water) NAKP 1, HN, Fw: Sg HD-A2

Clay is the only known son of Jogurt vom Hege Haus who was a great stud and produced many dogs with exceptional hunting ability and confirmation. Clay is a calm, cooperative male but in the field he is all business. His Solm's score speaks of his ability to perfectly utilize his nose and perform exceptional search.

Download: Ahnentafel

This pairing should produce some extraordinary puppies with great nose, immense love of water, easy to train and highly cooperative. We will be taking deposits.

Contact Kaveh Elahiyoun at (204) 761-5444, email or Dan Vining at (616) 292 6697. Visit vom Canuck Kennels. Join us on facebook.

Clay vom Hirschgraben Clay vom Hirschgraben
Clay vom Hirschgraben Clay vom Hirschgraben

D-Litter vom Springborn

Planned Breeding: April 2016

Aspen vom Springborn, ZB Nr. 0349/11
Derby 1a, Derby 1a, Solms 1 (Search 4H), NAKP1, Btr, HD-A1, Fw. V3 (NAKP 2014)

Aspen has been a joy to hunt and train. She has a very strong desire to hunt on land or water and possess a very cooperative, calm working manner. From an early age, she has had a natural ability to point, retrieve and back other dogs. Her hunting style can be summarized as a dog that maintains contact with the handler and has an excellent use of nose.

Conformation Survey: Elegant female with very nice pigment, very good neck and throat. Aspen has very good substance, movement front and rear correct, tailset correct, a very proud female.

Aspen's first litter with Indy has shown very strong natural retrieving, pointing and love for water.

Download: Ahnentafel

Aspen vom Springborn Aspen vom Springborn
Cara vom Springborn Cara vom Springborn at 8 months

Ilo vom Osterberg, ZB Nr. 0498/11
D1, VJP69, S1, Btr, Hn, HD-A1, Fw.V1

Ilo is a true testment to the breed; he has excelled in both the field and in the ring. Ilo can be described as an noble male with an abundance of natural ability.

Ilo has excelled in all facets of his training and is very much a nose driven dog with a strong desire for game. His field search is systematic and expansive. In the water Ilo has the perfect blend of perseverance and commitment.

Download: Ahnentafel

Now taking deposits.

For more info on this litter, please contact Gabriel Lasala at 810-499-0743 or email me at

Ilo von Osterberg Ilo von Osterberg

Litter vom Nobelle Haus

We are proud to announce a Spring REPEAT Breeding.

(Helena vom Sparta-Gr x Enzo vom Kings Crossings)

Helena vom Sparta-Gr ZB Nr. 0786 / 09
Derby I Solms I HD Frei-B Fw: SG I

Helena AKA Sadie is the complete package. Sadie excels in both her field and water manners. Sadie was very easily trained extremely enthusiastic in everything she does. Her points are intense, solid and true. She will never quit the task at hand. Simply stated Sadie is a bird finding machine with a very calm manner in the home around people and other dogs Sadie has been tested with the NADKC system where she earned a Prize I in both Derby and Solms as well a Zuchtschau rating of SG1. Helena's A litter produced a Breeder's Award within another testing venue.

Download: Ahnentafel

Helena vom Sparta-Gr Helena vom Sparta-Gr

Enzo vom Kings Crossing ZB Nr. 0052/10
Derby I jugend, AZP I HN, HD-A2 Fw: SG

Enzo is a beautifully put together male that has an outstanding nose, intense point, methodical search and a willingness to please with the correct balance of desire!

He is playful and calm in the home yet in the field this dog is a bird finding machine. In the field Duke is all business. He is a powerful hunter that hunts hard with incredible drive coupled with both intelligence and cooperation. He is very affectionate and stable.

Download: Ahnentafel

There is no guesswork as I have seen four of the seven puppies mature from puppyhood. The pups have a nice blend of desire and cooperation coupled with a strong pointing instinct. They are equally proficient in searching a field as they are searching out a pond.

For additional information, please feel free to contact me at 201-248-0699 or visit our website at

Enzo vom Kings Crossing Enzo vom Kings Crossing

von den Sieben Söhnen, A-Litter

Anticipated Breeding: Spring 2016

Anika von der Räucherei, ZB Nr. 0103/11
D1, AZP 3, HD-A2, Fw: V

M: Holly Moon Eyes 9001/10
V: Vito vom Osterberg 1221/05

Annie epitomizes the characteristics and versatility of the DK breed. She has been a pleasure to own and train. She has proven to be an excellent hunting dog and companion with an abundance of natural ability.

Annie has a very calm, quiet demeanor in the home and in the kennel, and is especially well-mannered around our children and grandchildren. She is very affectionate and loves to be around people.

Annie is well-rounded in both the field and the water. She has a passion for hunting and finding game. She exhibits a very strong prey drive, is a natural retriever and has a love of water.

Download: Ahnentafel

Anika von der Räucherei Anika von der Räucherei

Jurek von Kings Crossing, ZB Nr. 0958/11

Derby 1a, Solms 1a, VGP 1 305P (Water 4H) High Score, BTR, VBR, 20-HR SW 1, 40-HR SW 1, HN, HD-A2, Fw: V, 64 cm (Klub Wesser Ems)

M: Atawa von Kings Crossing (KS Henk von der Jydebek)
V: Zunder vom Wittekind (KS Rolf Birkenwald)

Duke has exceptional manners in retrieving, pointing and naturally honors other dogs in the field. He was a pleasure to train because he was extremely cooperative, intelligent and has a strong desire to work.

Duke’s motherline comes from one of the most successful litters in Germany during the last 20 years. The “H” Jydebek litter had five dogs complete all of the German testing with the highest honors. Hedy and Hera v.d. Jydebek have produced exceptional litters and have become the primary motherliness for several German kennels.

Duke also continues his father line. He, his dad and grand dad all have received 4H- outstanding scores for their tenacity during the Duck Search. Duke is exceptional in the water, and the ice cold Canadian winter water during duck season does not deter him.

Duke has a true character, a quiet temperament and passion to work. He is a real hunting dog, not a testing dog.

Conformation Report: A Medium sized male with a very impressive square male head and muzzle, strong and short back, very good tail set and carriage, good forechest development. Top and bottom lines are correct, front and rear movement is correct. FR. W.W. Immken

Download: Ahnentafel

For additional information, contact Max Barker at (435) 229-1050, email or visit

Jurek von Kings Crossing Jurek von Kings Crossing

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