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Looking for a Deutsch Kurzhaar puppy? Find information about whelped, expected, and upcoming Deutsch Kurzhaar litters from NADKC kennels.

Whelped Litters

Litters listed in this section include puppies that are "on the ground".

vom Wustenjager

Whelp Date: October 1st, 2023 (7 females, 3 males)

Flirt vom Wüstenjäger
ZB. Nr. 0690/21, DOB: 06/03/2021
D1, S2, SG, HDA2, OCD frei

Sire: Charger vom Wüstenjäger
Dam: Bree vom kleinen Fluss

Download: Ahnentafel

Flirt vom Wüstenjäger Flirt vom Wüstenjäger
Bentley vom Adlertal
ZB.Nr. 0544/21, birthday 02/01/2021
D1(search 4h), S1, HN, V, HD A2, OCD free

Sire: Prinz vom Kepelshagener Forst
Dam: Katja von der Niederheide
Owner: Barry Childs, 10136 N 6650 W, Highland Utah, 84003

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For more Information about the litter Contact:
Wayne @ 509-778-1198 or Lisa @ 509-778-1794
Bentley vom Adlertal Bentley vom Adlertal

des Southern Bayou

Whelp Date: August 6th, 2023 (5 females, 7 males)

Bruinhilda vom Himmel Fallen 0649/21
D1, HZP 166
FW: V, HD: B1
Sire: Dark vom Schatzeberg - D1, S2, HZP 161, AZP 1, VGP 2, SJ, LN, HN, SG
Dam: Gala vom Hidden Creek - D1 (4H search), S3, SJ, BTR, AZP (4H duck search), SI, HN, V1

Bruinhilda (Buffy) is a very affectionate family dog that loves everyone big and small. Lots of drive and desire in the field and woods yet calm and content in the house.
She has an excellent head, neck, topline, and bottom-line, carrying herself as a proud, elegant female.
Proven on land and water including fur, waterfowl, upland game, and blood tracking. Passionate duck searcher that never quits and natural backer in the field. She works on a wild game farm in south Louisiana, hunting pheasant, quail, doves, ducks, and rabbits as well as blood tracking large game.

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Bruinhilda vom Himmel Fallen Bruinhilda vom Himmel Fallen
Augustus vom kleinen Fluss 0086/17
D1(j), D1* (Andreas Star), HZP 164, AZP 1, BTR, SJ (Saujager), SI, HN
68 cm
Sire: Bento von der Kopperburg - D1, VJP 70, S1, VGP1, HN, V
Dam: Dixie vom Speidel - D1, S1, VGP1, V

Augustus (Taz) impresses with his calm, serene attitude, and his family-friendly nature. His choke bored nose is evident in the field while standing in front of game and is a natural backer. He is very good with like species but has no compromise to predators. Taz is comfortable and quiet in the house, kennel, or vehicle. He is naturally social around humans, especially small children due to his excellent breeding with Bento v.d. Kopperberg and Dixie v. Speidel. Taz works on a full-time hunting operation in Alabama over 100 days per year. He completed his first Derby at 5 ½ months old with all 4s and was working in the hunting precinct at the same time as a guide dog. He is an absolute joy to have around whether in the field or at home.

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For more information about the litter contact:
Jill 985-791-1447 or Jody @ 985-677-6285
Augustus vom kleinen Fluss Augustus vom kleinen Fluss

Upcoming Litters

Upcoming litters represent a planned breeding that has not yet occurred.

Vom Speidel ‘F’ Litter

Anticipated Whelp Date: Late December 2023

Edy vom Speidel 0227/19
D1, AZP1, V, HN, HD:A2, OCD frei,
Daisy vom Speidel x Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst

Edy is an elegant medium size (60cm, 60lbs.) girl with dark pigmentation and desirable conformation (V). Edy has an excellent and full hunting skill set: strong pointer, natural backer, highly effective and handler attentive field search in any terrain, outstanding tracker, natural retriever, plus nose, and strong water work. She is focused on her duties, has wonderful desire and is independent to complete any task, plus, she is highly cooperative and obedient which enables her to be available to the hunter all the time. She has a desirable on-off switch, is calm, non-confrontational, very easy to train, and has a beautiful-happy personality. Edy is a lap sitter and snuggler; she is an exceptional companion and family dog. A shock collar is not needed for training, hunting, or control.

Download: Ahnentafel

Edy vom Speidel Edy vom Speidel
Andy vom Tekoa Mountain 09886/18
D1, AZP1 VGP1 (306 pts.) 4h search twice, 4h nose, V, Ehren President’s Award HD:A2, OCD frei
Uika von der Madlage x Artus vom Rollenwald

Andy is the perfect size male at 65 cm and 74 pounds and with a ‘V’ conformation rating. His coat color is a beautiful dark (Dunkel) liver. He has a complete hunting skill set: strong pointer, natural backer, nose-oriented field search, 4h nose, outstanding tracker, natural retriever, and strong water work. Andy has a beautiful combination of excellent desire and cooperation-obedience which means he is highly biddable and always available to the gun. He is all business for the hunt, training, and testing, but has the desirable shutoff switch. A shock collar is not needed for control. At his Derby test at 8 months Andy earned 4h scores at search and nose. In 2022 he scored as the NADKC’s top VGP dog earning the coveted Ehren President’s Award. He is calm, non-confrontational, has a fun- loving upbeat personality, and is an outstanding family companion dog.

Download: Ahnentafel

We feel pups from this pair will have an excellent and complete hunting skill set with high cooperation-obedience attributes producing highly biddable dogs. Conformation will be highly desirable and personality traits will make for wonderful home-hunting companion dogs.

Contact: Steve Waters, vom Speidel
Ph. 641-661-4204
Andy vom Tekoa Mountain Andy vom Tekoa Mountain

Vom Canuck

Anticipated Whelp Date: January/February 2024

Kuntasch Vom Canuck
D1, S1, VGP1, VBR , SW/20 prize 1 , SW/40 prize 1 , HN , V1 , A2

Kuntasch is a very methodical hunter, with an amazing nose and has a very determined character. Her searches are a thing of beauty and always in contact with the hunter.

Her testing carrier is one of the best, having finished 20 and 40 hr blood tracking both with prize 1. This shows the level of concentration she utilizes when hunting, yet easy to control and with a pronounced off switch when at home and not hunting. Her past two litters have been very uniform and she has produced outstanding puppies.

Download: Ahnentafel

Kuntasch Vom Canuck Kuntasch Vom Canuck
Meiko Vom Pottsiepen
D1, WJS, S3, S1 , VGP 1, CACIB , BS , VBR , HN , V1 , HD0

Meiko Vom Pottsiepen was imported to United States in 1995. He sired many wonderful dogs both in the field and show ring. We are fortunate enough to have semen from this magnificent DK, so we will be bring the old glory of Pottsiepen/ Hege Haus forward .He has been described as a dog of lifetime with wide searches and fantastic water retrieves. His nose and love of water were noted by all who had seen him hunt .he was absolutely perfect in all aspects. This dog is a mixture of old possipp and Hege Haus blood line.
His pedigree should speak volume to the quality of this dog .

Download: Ahnentafel

This crossing is special in many ways and will be only done one time, as there are very limited supply of his semen.
We are expecting puppies that are ever naturally talented with a very keen nose and high hunting drive both in field and water. Puppies will whelp in Michigan.
For more information please send us a email at or call (204)761-5444
Meiko Vom Pottsiepen Meiko Vom Pottsiepen

F litter- Golden Sun

Anticipated Whelp Date: Spring 2024

Diva v Golden Sun
ZB 0334/21 Schwschl m.Schw. K.
D2, VJP 68, S1, HZP 205, HN, VGP 3, HD A2, ED and OCD-free, conformation V

Diva is a delightful and elegant DK, with much passion and energy bridled with cooperation and purpose. Diva is conformationaly correct with correct female attributes and movement. Diva is 62cm.

Divas field search is methodical, groundcovering and sweeping. She is a rock steady pointer and a correct retriever. She hunts well by herself and one or two people and she also hunts well with other dogs and many people as is needed in her homeland on the prairie of South Dakota. Diva is a succesful blood tracker and also works well hunting ducks and geese. Diva is what a DK should be; brains, beauty, stamina and temperment.

Download: Ahnentafel

Diva v Golden Sun Diva v Golden Sun
KS Knox von der Königsleite
ZB 0401/19 Brschl. m. Pln., dob 20.02.19
Proof of performance:
Bavarian dog handler course 80 pts. of 80, Bavarian Usability test 100 pts. of 100 p., D1, S1, VGP I 315 pts. ÜF, "Emergency Solution Corona Trace" grade 3, sil. HN, BTR
SJ, SW3, HD A2, ED and OCD-free, V1

Knox is a male with a typical male head and very good posture. He has a tight back and a correct underline and good angulations. At the breeding show, the height was 66 cm. He received the form value excellent. Knox is peace within himself. He is an absolutely water-loving dog. The leadership manners are at their best. His greatest joy is retrieving. Retrieving is in the blood of the entire K litter.

Knox is a capable hunting companion. In character, form and enthusiasm for work, he reminds us strongly of his grandmother "Annabelle KS von der Königsleite”. He shows a wide, very systematic search with good head position and very good ground covering. Knox is very obedient and willing to please. It's a joy to see him in the field. He is level-headed and calm when he is bloodtracking; he wants to consistently get to the dead/wounded game.

Download: Ahnentafel

Breeding to take place the winter of 23/24, with pups whelped the spring of 2024.

Please contact Golden Sun Deutsch Kurzhaar- Tom and Vanita Skinner 605.222.7173 or for more information.
KS Knox von der Königsleite KS Knox von der Königsleite

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