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Explanation of German Field Tests and Conformation Titles

Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband (DKV) — Field Tests

D - Derby

This is the test for puppies born after the first of October of the year before last and is held only in the spring. You will see a "D" followed by a number. This stands for Prize 1, 2 or 3 which is what is awarded based on the pup's performance if he passes the test. A pup may enter more than one Derby and each result will be recorded on the pedigree.

(J) - "Youth"

Dogs that pass a Derby in their first year receive this notation (J) for "youth" behind the assigned prize category (e.g. D1(J))

(*) - Andreas star

If a dog intentionally or by chance shows excellent work in tracking an unseen rabbit or hare during a given test, it is marked with an Andreas star, but this has no effect on the overall scoring of the test. (e.g. D1*)

S - Solms

Held in the autumn of the same year as the Derby, this test is the next level up from the Derby. A number indicating that the dog was awarded a Prize 1, 2, or 3 will follow the "S". The Solms may be entered more than once, and each result will be recorded on the pedigree.

AZP - Alterszuchtprüfung

This is the "Older Dog Breeding Test" and is basically a trial for dogs that for some reason were unable to be tested in a Solms test. The rules are the same as for the Solms, but a higher level of performance is expected in consideration of the dog's age. These dogs should not be over 6 years old.

IKP - International Kurzhaar-Prüfung

This test is held every other year, alternating with the Kleemann Trial. Tests elements similar to Solms/AZP 1, 2, or 3 following denoted prize.

KS - Kurzhaar Sieger

This is the "Shorthair Champion" title awarded to dogs that achieve a Prize 1 in the Dr. Kleemann Trial. This test is held every other year. Judged on a pass or fail basis.

Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband (DKV) — Zuchtschau Conformation Titles

V (Vorzüglich) – excellent conformation

SG (Sehr Gut) – very good conformation

G – good conformation

WS = Welt Sieger

BS = Bundes Sieger

RS = Reichs Sieger

These are show titles that may be won at a single show (e.g. the Welt Seiger show). They are awarded to the Best of Breed winner if that dog has a "V" conformation rating.

ES - Europa Sieger

This is for "European Champions". To be awarded this title, a dog must obtain four F.C.I International Canine Federation Challenge Certificates (CACIB) or National Challenge Certificates (CAC).

VDH Champion = This is the Society for German Dog Breeds Champion. It is given if four CACIBs have been awarded under four different judges.

CACIB = Conformation title awarded only at international shows. Dogs must usually be older than 18 months.

CAC = German conformation champion

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Jagdgebrauchshund Verband (JGHV) — Field Tests

This organization includes all of the versatile hunting dog clubs in Germany, regardless of breed.

VJP - Verbandsjugendprüfung

This is a national breed club youth trial, roughly the equivalent of a Derby. These dogs are not awarded a Prize number, but rather a score that appears behind the "VJP". E.g. VJP 68

HZP - Verbandsherbstzuchtprüfung

This is the autumn trial of the national breed club, the equivalent of the Solms. These dogs are not awarded a Prize number, but rather a score that appears behind the "HZP". E.g. HZP 181

VGP - Verbandsgebrauchesprüfung

This is the Association Utility test. It is designed to test finished versatile hunting dogs in all aspects of field, forest, and water work. A score and Prizes 1, 2 or 3 are awarded to dogs that pass this test. Passing this test qualifies a dog for registration in the German Register of Utility Dogs (DGStB).

Btr.- Bringtreueprüfung

The retrieving reliability test. This requires finding a fox placed in undergrowth at least 3 hours previous to the test. The dog is released at least 150 yards from the fox and must search with no help from the handler.

Vbr. - Verlorenbringen

Recovery of game. This test requires trailing and retrieving a hare over a distance of about 300 yards while the trail is still warm but the dog has not seen the game.

AH - Ambruster Halt award

This title is given for obedience in the presence of game.

SW - Verbands-Schweissprüfung

This is the specialty blood tracking title, and will be followed by a Prize score of 1, 2 or 3. An "SW" is a 20 hour specialty blood track, while an "SW" followed by a "/" is a 40 hour track. E.g. an SW /2 is a Prize 2 awarded for a 40 hour blood track.

Sch. H - Schutzhund

This is the test for police or protection dogs and requires obedience, tracking and seeking and detaining criminals. 1, 2, or 3 follows to denote prize.

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